Corina Sparks

Corina has been in the health and fitness industry her whole life. Corina grew up in Ashtabula, where she was a competitive gymnast at The Chalk Box from the time she was a child until she graduated high school. Always a better coach than athlete, she coached gymnastics at that facility, and she later went on to coach at Buffalo Turners in New York. Through her different coaching experiences, she was able to work with elite gymnasts, as well as collegiate level gymnasts. She also participated in coaching seminars with former Olympic gymnasts, Svetlana Boginskaya, Kip Simons, and Blaine Wilson, among others.

In 2000, Corina graduated from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY with her master of science degree in physical therapy. She began her career working at a New York facility for profoundly disabled children and adults. It is here that Corina gained a remarkable understanding of function and dysfunction in the human body and became an expert on normal and abnormal movement patterns. Corina went on to further her education through Simmons College, where she earned the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy with Distinction in 2007.

Since moving back to Ohio in 2006, Corina has focused her career on the geriatric population. Her favorite part of her work is the storytelling. She loves hearing stories from the Greatest Generation, and she has gained an enormous amount of respect and admiration for these individuals as she has heard countless real life tales of heroism, loss, and triumph. Corina believes that our elderly are one of our greatest gifts, and that they are too often expected to age quietly while simply accepting that getting older means becoming disabled. Corina’s goal at ROC is to show the community that our elderly can be healthy, fit, self sufficient, and that within each one of them, lies an athlete.